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One of the greatest blessings of the modern age is the ability to start and build a successful business without coming from a background of wealth, without having to invest a ton of money, and without regard for gender, race, size, or any of the other factors that can sometimes distinguish winners from losers.

At Prosperopedia.com, we have benefitted from the opportunities of entrepreneurship provided by the freedom that has been championed by the United States since its founders fought so valiantly for the principles upon which this country is based. Those principles, including self-government and personal accountability, can nurture the entrepreneurial spirit like nothing else.

The articles and other posts you’ll find here are meant to inspire you, instruct you, and motivate you towards greater entrepreneurship. Whether you’re in the process of starting a fledgling business or if you’re just looking to polish skills and get ideas from others’ experiences, we hope you benefit from the content you find here in our entrepreneurship section.

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Brett Bartlett, Dynasty Toys, Amazon Sales, and Face Masks: What I Learned From Interacting With a Scammer

Update: September 15, 2022 This article is about Brett Bartlett, a professional scammer (pictured to the left, the dorky one in the back with the big cheesy smile that says, “I’ll be your best friend while I steal money from you”) who goes from one scheme to another defrauding people while pretending to be a…

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An Online Lead Generation Strategy That Always Works

Prosperopedia.com, the encyclopedia of prosperity, is dedicated to helping our community become more knowledgeable about how to be prosperous. To that end, this article describes a strategy for efficiently growing a business built on product marketing and sales using a proven lead generation strategy. Article Summary This article describes the steps involved in creating an…

Amazon Seller Central Downgrade Seller Plan
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How to Downgrade (Cancel) Your Professional Amazon Seller Business Account to Individual

In this article, I will explain how to downgrade your Amazon Seller account so that you’re not being charged the monthly seller fee by Amazon. This is useful for Amazon sellers who are not selling enough to make paying the professional seller fee worthwhile. If you are ready to take your Amazon business to the…

Scott Voelker TAS Inner Circle Mastermind Group Review
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Scott Voelker TAS Inner Circle Mastermind Group Review

This article reviews my experience participating in Scott Voelker’s TAS Inner Circle. I hope you find it beneficial as you make a decision about whether to participate in that group or to join another Amazon coaching program (or any coaching program for that matter). I recognize that business owners are all unique, and have varying…

Free Shipping Ecommerce Sales
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The Importance of Offering Free Shipping for Ecommerce Businesses

The landscape of ecommerce has changed drastically since I started my first online business about 20 years ago. When I first began selling drop-shipped products on websites or sourcing products to sell on eBay, it was seen as normal to require the customer to pay shipping costs. In fact, many sellers on the various online…

WordPress Migration to Google Cloud Platform
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How to Migrate Your WordPress Website to the Google Cloud Hosting Platform

The past decade has seen a mad rush “to the cloud”, as performance requirements (speed and availability) for apps, websites, and other technology have increased. For me, it seems like I’ve been looking for a solid place to host my websites for as long as I’ve been building them, as far back as 2000, when…

Buying and Owning a UPS Store Franchise – My Experience
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Buying and Owning a UPS Store Franchise – My Experience

Several years ago, my wife and I owned an online sporting goods business. We shipped a lot of products, which meant we spent a lot of money on shipping. As any online retail knows, shipping costs continually are on the rise, and people don’t like to pay those costs, especially since Amazon has trained the…

Alternative to Going to College - Mililtary
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Alternatives to Going to College

Nearly two decades ago I visited my wife’s family in Texas to propose to her. The vetting process for her family involved finding out about my plans for college and career. I remember staying up until four o’clock in the morning debating with her grandpa this question: Is college necessary? His argument was unequivocally this:…

Military Veteran Business Owners SBA Merging Leaders Program
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Small Business Administration Merging Leaders Military Veteran’s Entrepreneurship Program

President Trump’s Donation to the SBA I saw on the news today that President Donald Trump is donating his Q2 salary to the Small Business Administration program to help with a new program developed by the SBA to help US military veterans transition from their careers in the military into becoming business owners. The SBA…

How To Become Rich – The Richest Man in Babylon Formula
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How To Become Rich – The Richest Man in Babylon Formula

The Richest Man In Babylon is a fictional story with sound principles that have helped people become wealthy through their application. This first part comes from the part of the book “Seven Curses For A Lean Purse”. Heed the advice in each of these sections, and your “purse” will become fat and overflowing with wealth….