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Entrepreneurship Leads to Prosperity

One of the greatest blessings of the modern age is the ability to start and build a successful business without coming from a background of wealth, without having to invest a ton of money, and without regard for gender, race, size, or any of the other factors that can sometimes distinguish winners from losers.

At Prosperopedia.com, we have benefitted from the opportunities of entrepreneurship provided by the freedom that has been championed by the United States since its founders fought so valiantly for the principles upon which this country is based. Those principles, including self-government and personal accountability, can nurture the entrepreneurial spirit like nothing else.

The articles and other posts you’ll find here are meant to inspire you, instruct you, and motivate you towards greater entrepreneurship. Whether you’re in the process of starting a fledgling business or if you’re just looking to polish skills and get ideas from others’ experiences, we hope you benefit from the content you find here in our entrepreneurship section.

Taking Risks in Business and Life