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Children and Youth

Education in this mortal life begins shortly after conception, when an unborn baby learns to recognize his mother’s and others’ voices while developing in the womb. The process of education continues in more assertively after birth through a baby’s interactions with a new world, including other people.
At Prosperopedia.com, we follow the education process from the very beginnings throughout a person’s life to the end.
This section of Prosperopedia.com is dedicated to the education of children and youth and includes topics such as:

  • Helping kids develop motor skills
  • Monitoring the progress of children as they move from newborn to adolescence
  • Teaching a child to reach
  • Schooling options, including homeschooling and formal schooling such as public and private schools
  • Preparing children to be productive in an increasingly competitive world
  • Ensuring that technology is a help rather than a hindrance in the education process
  • The critical roles of music, sports, and free play for education

We hope you find benefit in the educational resources you find here, and that your life is made more fulfilling as you use this information to help yourself and others within your realm of influence succeed in educational pursuits so they can ultimately prosper.

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Homeschooling: Applying Essentialism to Educating Children

Several years ago when my wife and I were preparing for our oldest child to go to school, we handpicked a nice K-12 private school that provided a great learning environment where moral and religious values aligned with ours were instilled right alongside a solid secular education. So that we’d have better access to the…

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Self-Reliance Principles

Achieving self-reliance is a worthy goal for individuals, parents, and families. Being self-reliant brings a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that cannot be achieved in any other way. What is Self-Reliance? Self-reliance is the ability of a person to take care of himself or herself in several different areas of life, including financially, spiritually, emotionally,…

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How to Prevent Homosexuality and Gender Confusion in Children

The erosion of morality and traditional values – especially over the several decades since the sexual revolution of the 1960s – has created a culture in modern society that is confusing in too many ways. Random public shootings, depression, anxiety, suicide, a general lack of honesty and integrity, and a host of other societal breakdowns…

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Education Can (and Absolutely Should) Include Both Music and Sports

Recently at a music competition two of my kids were participating in, I was chatting with one of the organizers about my family’s busy Saturday going between sports activities (including two basketball games and a baseball practice for two of my boys) and music oriented items on our calendar, which involved a practice for an…