About Prosperopedia

Hi, I’m Richard Robbins.

I founded Prosperopedia.com in 2018 for several reasons. 

I have been blessed to live the American Dream. I grew up as one of seven children in a modest family in which we made do with what we had. I learned from my dad and mom how to work hard. I learned from my siblings and friends how to get along when I needed to as well as when it was time to fight or run from a situation. I learned from my church the importance of belief in God and why it’s important to figure out what the bigger picture is for this life and for what will come after this life.

For those reasons and more, I decided to build an informational website dedicated to the principles of prosperity, especially through the lens of religious faith and within the context of being a Christian. The perspectives of articles I’ve written as well as those that have been published here from guest writers are in most cases written from the vantage point of believing Christians who understand that the United States of America was founded by inspired people who established a country that would become the most prosperous in history. Principles taught about debt, work ethic, moral ideas, success, and other elements of prosperity are based on a Biblical, Judeo-Christian foundation.

On Prosperopedia.com, you’ll find stories, tips, advice, news, and other information about topics that contribute to overall prosperity, including health, finances, education, and other critical components of prosperity. I hope that your will help you in your journey through 

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