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Kliken Google AdWords Management for WooCommerce

I’ve been selling vinyl home decor products on Amazon for several years, but recently decided that I need to focus on getting traffic to my website’s WooCommerce store. As most online retailers know, there are several reasons not to rely on Amazon to keep your business growing, especially the inherent instability of allowing Amazon to have sole power to determine whether your business will grow and thrive, hit a plateau, or die altogether.

Amazon’s Sponsored Ads PPC has become so competitive that it’s hard to be profitable using it to send traffic from Amazon customers to the products you have listed for sale on their platform. As the competition for attention on Amazon continues to increase, it will become even more difficult for any small business to find a way to be profitable there, especially considering that Amazon takes such a large percentage of sales generated there.

Looking at that landscape, it seems like a good time to change things up. I decided to start ramping up Google AdWords to send paid Google traffic to the vinyl designs we have listed on our website, which is built using WooCommerce.

I searched WordPress’ plugin directory for a Google AdWords plugin that would take my product listings (thousands of them) and push them out to the Google Shopping network, where they would appear at the top of Google searches for product related terms.

I found something that called itself the Google Shopping plugin, and it was labeled as being free. It turns out that the plugin was kind of Trojan Horse that makes you think that you’re simply signing up for Google AdWords and entering your payment information to be able to pay for your ad spend.

Soon after I signed up, I found out that this Google AdWords plugin was actually something called Kliken, a product that does indeed push your products out to Google Shopping, but also charges a monthly fee of $30 for their service

That didn’t seem like a good deal to me. Although they do have a lot of fancy-looking reporting and messaging that encourages you to spend more, regardless of how profitable your ad spend is, in my opinion Kliken is simply not worth paying for. The dashboard they provide for you is the same data you can get straight from Google AdWords, repackaged slightly differently.

Canceling My Kliken Account

After receiving my first invoice from Kliken and seeing that I was paying a $30 management fee for something that was not useful, I sent an email and ask them to cancel my account. The response that I got was a few different options for canceling, but none were very straight forward.

I just saw another invoice come in and realized that I’m still being charged for Kliken, so I logged into my dashboard and figured out how to cancel.

Here’s how you cancel your Kliken account.

  • Login to your Kliken account.
  • Click “My Account” from the menu on the left hand side.
  • At the bottom right of the “My Account” page you’ll see a link that says (strangely) “Forget Me”, just below where your payment information is. Click on that link.

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