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Alexis de Toqueville

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Making good employment decisions is critical to your happiness and prosperity. It is useful to know something about your local economy, your home state, and maybe even a few things about employment data in the United States an internationally. There are many reasons you might want to sharpen your skills and knowledge about your own career choice and its place within the economy that affects you currently and in the future.

Breadwinners for households typically spend at least eight hours per day (a third of their lives) working. In the age of technology and communication access that makes many employees available around the clock, there are so many factors to consider with regard to employment.

Prosperopedia.com takes on topics that affect employment. Our contributors are experienced in employment topics that affect you, whether it’s determining what education and other qualifications you might need for a particular job or a new career, how to develop the most essential skills and traits for being a successful employ generally, understanding your value to a company so you can negotiate a competitive salary, whether you should take the leap and start your own business, or where to go for help with any of those topics.

We hope you enjoy what we’ve written and hand-picked here to help you with the employment part of your life.

How To Become an X-Ray Tech

How to Become an X-Ray Tech

Imagine being an integral part of a patient’s healthcare journey – a bridge between physicians and patients, facilitating understanding, and ensuring the delivery of the best possible care. Welcome to the world of an X-ray technician, a dynamic field within healthcare where technical aptitude meets compassionate patient interaction. X-ray technicians, or radiologic technologists, play a…

Replace BigCommerce Search Functionality
Business | Employment

How to Add Google Search to a BigCommerce Store Website

I’ve used BigCommerce for awhile as my ecommerce sales platform. I currently host my medical products store (ProHealthcareProducts.com) on the BigCommerce platform. While the BigCommerce shopping cart system offers a lot of great functionality and has solid performance, it has its limitations. One of the most obvious of those limitations is the default search feature…

Financial Peace University Money Management Course
Budgeting | Debt | Education | Employment | Finances | Investing | Online Learning

Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University

If you listen to talk radio much, you’ve most likely heard of Dave Ramsey, the radio personality who talks about money, debt, budgeting, investments, and related topics Monday through Friday each week. His show is broadcast on over 500 radio stations throughout the country to an estimated audience of over 6 million people on a…

EDX.org Courses and Programs
Colleges & Universities | Education | Employment | Higher Education | Online Learning

edX Courses Create Affordable Opportunities for College Credit

The cost of a college education has skyrocketed from the last generation to the current one. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, in 1985, the average cost to finish school at a 4-year college, including tuition, fees, and room and board expenses, was $12,274 (adjusted for inflation; the actual average cost then was…

Personal Finances Self-Reliance LDS Church
Budgeting | Debt | Education | Employment | Finances | Investing | Mortgages | Religion

LDS Personal Finances Self-Reliance Budgeting Course

Taking control of your personal finances is one the most important things you can do to experience the blessings of prosperity that are available to those who are willing to obey the principles upon which those blessings are based. Under the influence and in the grasp of the materialistic society in which we now exist,…

Public Servant Loan Forgiveness PSLF Program
Debt | Education | Employment | Finances

Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) Program

Article Summary The Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program was established by the federal government to allow professionals to have their student loan debt forgiven. Participating in the PSLF program requires you to work for a qualified employer as specified by the US Department of Eduction. Qualified employers include government and non-profit organizations. Only Direct…

HubSpot.com SEMRush Report Search Traffic
Education | Employment | Entrepreneurship | Tutorials

An Online Lead Generation Strategy That Always Works

Prosperopedia.com, the encyclopedia of prosperity, is dedicated to helping our community become more knowledgeable about how to be prosperous. To that end, this article describes a strategy for efficiently growing a business built on product marketing and sales using a proven lead generation strategy. Article Summary This article describes the steps involved in creating an…

Udacity Nanodegree Programs Technical Courses
Colleges & Universities | Education | Employment | Higher Education | Online Learning

What is a Nanodegree? Udacity’s Revolutionary Education Model

Prosperopedia.com’s mission is to provide resources and guidance to our visitors that will help them make good educational and financial decisions. In keeping with that mission, this article about Udacity introduces their Nanodegree opportunities as a way to improve earning potential through “nano”-sized learning models that are the future of technology education. Education is changing….

Amazon Seller Central Downgrade Seller Plan
Employment | Entrepreneurship | Finances

How to Downgrade (Cancel) Your Professional Amazon Seller Business Account to Individual

In this article, I will explain how to downgrade your Amazon Seller account so that you’re not being charged the monthly seller fee by Amazon. This is useful for Amazon sellers who are not selling enough to make paying the professional seller fee worthwhile. If you are ready to take your Amazon business to the…

Scott Voelker TAS Inner Circle Mastermind Group Review
Education | Employment | Entrepreneurship | Online Learning

Scott Voelker TAS Inner Circle Mastermind Group Review

This article reviews my experience participating in Scott Voelker’s TAS Inner Circle. I hope you find it beneficial as you make a decision about whether to participate in that group or to join another Amazon coaching program (or any coaching program for that matter). I recognize that business owners are all unique, and have varying…

Free Shipping Ecommerce Sales
Employment | Entrepreneurship

The Importance of Offering Free Shipping for Ecommerce Businesses

The landscape of ecommerce has changed drastically since I started my first online business about 20 years ago. When I first began selling drop-shipped products on websites or sourcing products to sell on eBay, it was seen as normal to require the customer to pay shipping costs. In fact, many sellers on the various online…