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Learning From Tom Ferry And Gary Vaynerchuck

Tom Ferry is a professional real estate coach who has built his empire in hosting events, coaching services, and mentorship. He’s a New York Times bestselling author, married, and has two sons. Tom met Gary Vaynerchuck in 2009 and Gary often has Tom swing by with his team to collaborate and share insight into the current growing-business market. Here, Tom takes us on day-long journey visiting the legendary Gary Vaynerchuck to gain some insight into current business growth strategies.

The established foundation of this meeting is that Tom has it figured out on what he wants to do and what his passion is. Before we see the two meet, Tom asks the viewers a few thought-provoking questions to get ready to hear what Gary is about to say.

Here are some questions Tom asks that you also need to ask yourself and answer.

  • What are you passionate about?
  • What motivates you?
  • Find in yourself your passion of what you want in life.
  • It’s ok to do what you want. Do you want…
    • To travel to cool places?
    • To work hard and play hard?

Tom Ferry with Gary Vaynerchuck

  • When you put out content, its intent is to make some sort of transaction.

Transaction doesn’t have to necessarily mean a monetary transaction, it can be an exchange of time, attention, email, whatever you need the other person to give. What are you asking of the viewer of your post, article, video, podcast? What are you having them give you at that moment and what are you asking that they do after they consume your content? These are questions that create the intent of the content you’re making.

  • When you have luxury, that is the time to give up something in the short term to get a lot more in the back end

Here, Gary is saying that once you have found time to breathe and get things in order, you need to quickly shift gears to get the less-important things delegated to someone else that can help you propel your business forward. This “room to breathe” could be extra time, more resources you’ve accrued, or additional revenue you’re beginning to get. Leverage these gains to hire people quicker and your business will begin to establish a revenue generating foundation that will be self -sustaining.

  • Make a little less money right now to get a lot more money later on

Going back to “luxury”, you need to be comfortable getting a little less money, running on bootstrap resources in order to have your business take off quicker. Sacrifice a little money now for a wealthy lifestyle to come.

Tom doesn’t share the entire day with Gary, but he does leave us with golden nuggets to think about which social media direction we need to focus on. Indirectly, we know that Gary has mentioned getting into “sound” as in audio. Alexa, podcasts, I’d even add Soundcloud and Spotify for sound if you needed other options to choose from. Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube are here to stay and continue to breed new influencers every day.

Tom Ferry is big into “rip off and duplicate”—and not in the bad way. In the book, “Steal Like An Artist” it teaches this very thing—take what’s working and proven to work and then add your own twist to it to make it unique.


No one has everything figured out and no one knows what line of business you should be in for you to become rich and successful, but the people who last in business are those who are willing to stick their neck out and risk getting their head cut off. It’s those people who are succeeding because they are the ones getting up after getting knocked down; it’s those people who are continually working on their craft, learning, and moving forward to make their business better.

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