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How To Update Your Capital One Credit Card Billing Address

If you’re having problems with your Capital One credit card being declined, and if you’ve moved recently, your problem may very well be that you’re using a zip code (your old one) that’s not connected with your Capital One credit card. When you use a credit card at a gas station or in other places where you shop, you’re asked for the billing address for your credit card. Your billing zip code serves as a security instrument for both the people who you’re buying from (who don’t want to absorb a chargeback when the charges for gas or some other product or service are later reversed when a credit card holder finds out that his card was stolen) as well as for you, the credit card holder, so that unauthorized purchases are not made using your card.

In this article, I’m going to show you how to update the billing address associated with your CapitalOne credit card using your online CapitalOne account. The process is fairly simple, although you need to know where to look to update that information. Updating your billing address is important whenever you move and in other situations where your existing address shouldn’t be associated with your credit card.

You’ll Need a Capital One Online Account (or You Can Call Them)

If you haven’t set up an online account with CapitalOne, you’ll either need to do that first before you follow the steps I cover below. If for some reason you prefer not to set up an online account to manage your CapitalOne credit card, you’ll need to call into their customer service line. I’ve listed the CapitalOne customer service phone numbers below for both personal credit cards and business credit cards. (Note that the customer service numbers are different for personal versus business.)

Capital One Personal Credit Card Customer Service:

1-800-CAPITAL (1-800-227-4825)

Capital One Small Business Credit Card Customer Service


Updating Your Capital One Billing Address In Their Online Portal

If you’ve set up an online account with CapitalOne (FYI, if you applied for a CapitalOne credit card online, then you already have an account. You’ll use the login information you created when you applied for your card to login to the online credit card management portal.), you can now login by going to

After you login to your CapitalOne online account, you’ll look for the icon in the top right corner of the page that looks like a person silhouette. Click on the arrow just to the right of that image, and you’ll see a menu that includes these options:

  • Profile
  • Security
  • Account & Feature Settings
  • Alerts
  • Sign Out

Click on the link that says “Profile” (circled in the image below). That will take you to the page that allows you to update various elements of your CapitalOne credit card profile.

The top element on the profile page (after your profile image, which you can see that I’ve updated with a picture of me and my wife, and your greeting name) is your address. Click on the edit icon (the pencil) next to the Address line here to pull up the screen that allows you to edit your mailing address.

Once you’ve opened the screen for managing your address, you can update your billing address by clicking on the edit/pencil icon next to the address.

As you can see from the image below, you can add multiple addresses to your Capital One account.

Why would you need multiple addresses associated with your card? Well, for a merchant to be protected when shipping a product to your shipping address, that address should be on file with your credit card provider. So, if I want to ship something to another address besides my billing address, many online merchants will check to see if the address (usually they check the street number and zip code) I’m having the product shipped to matches an address I have on file. Having been in ecommerce for two decades myself, I’ve used this feature on many occasions to protect my companies from fraudulent purchases.

Why I Use Capital One

In closing, I’ll share a quick thought about why I decided to use Capital One. I own and help operate several ecommerce businesses for my income. To pay for expenses, I keep a credit card on file with my suppliers. I found the Capital One Spark Business Cash credit card offers a 2% cash back incentive for using it. As I see my business expenses going over $100,000 per month (which is a good thing, since it’s an indicator of increasing sales), I often get several thousands of dollars back from my purchases. I always redeem my credit card points directly to the card each month.

In context of becoming prosperous, I really don’t advocate that consumers play the gimmicky “What’s in your wallet?” points accumulation games, which ultimately costs them much more than they earn in points as they waste money on things they don’t need and pay interest fees on the stuff they buy. However, in cases such as this, where I’m spending money on products I’ve already sold or will soon sell, spending more money is actually a good thing. Having a 2% cash back bonus adds more to my businesses’ bottom lines.

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