Cancel LegalShield Account Membership

How to Cancel a LegalShield Account Membership

This article really serves two purposes. The first is a review of my experience with LegalShield. As you can tell from the title of the article, my experience was not great, as I am going to show you in this article the second purpose of the article: How to cancel your LegalShield membership.

I recently found myself in a situation where I need to collect money from someone who owes me quite a lot. I’ll tell the story here later. The details are kind of entertaining, although the situation was definitely serious. I was not the only investor to lose money from a guy (Brett Bartlett, founder of Dynasty Toys, and a person I found to have zero integrity) who was ultimately operating what is appearing more and more to be a Ponzi scheme. You can read some of the details from one investor’s perspective here.

A group of jilted investors started a Slack group where we could collaborate regarding what our experiences had been and how we could attempt to collect what had been stolen from us. One of the members of the group told me that he was using LegalShield and suggested that I try it out. I figured I’d give it a shot, and I did.

My LegalShield Review

I found out quickly after beginning the signup process that LegalShield’s model for recruiting new account members is a multi-level-marketing program, often known as a pyramid scheme. It’s very difficult (meaning impossible) for me to not equate MLM companies with scams at worst, at best they’re inefficient businesses that can’t stand on the merits of their products or services along, without having to resort high-pressure sales pitches among networks of friends (soon to be former friends) and family (also soon to be former friends).

Still, I figured I’d give LegalShield a try. When I signed up, I was assigned a home base law firm that I was told would follow up with me after the signup and explain how things worked, also inquiring as to what I needed help with. Instead, I found a complex system of LegalShield member law firms attempting to refer me to other law firms in a complicated and frustrating mess that made me decide that it was time to cancel the membership and go a different route.

As you’d expect, I found out that you get what you pay for. You can’t expect to pay anywhere close to $24.95 per month (which is the cost of their individual plan) to have access to expert legal advice and help. Instead, the better route is to independently find an attorney who is good at what you need to have done and whose rate you can afford, and hire that person. There is no reason to go through a middle man system like LegalShield. In fact, there are lots of reasons not to.

Cancelling Your LegalShield Membership

I’m guessing that if you’re reading this, you’ve come to the same conclusion that I did: having a LegalShield membership doesn’t provide any benefit, or the benefit is not worth the monthly cost. So, now it’s time to figure out how to cancel.

As with most subscription memberships, it’s much easier to figure out how to sign up than it is to cancel your LegalShield membership. After some digging, I found out what has to be done.

If you dig deeply (I did this Google search to find it), you can find the instructions from LegalShield on how to cancel your plan. Even on their cancellation page, LegalShield tries several times to get you to reconsider that choice, including inviting you to talk to a LegalShield attorney about whatever issue(s) you might be having. As I mentioned before in my review, trying to work through the LegalShield network seemed like a lot of overhead that did more harm than good in my pursuit of collecting the money I was owed. So, despite the best efforts of the account cancellation page, I decided to stick with my decision to cancel my LegalShield membership.

Put simply, here are your options:

  • Call customer support at 844-714-8494. It’s likely that you’ll have to endure a sales pitch and some reasons why you shouldn’t drop your membership if you go this route.
  • Send a cancellation letter to LegalShield’s headquarters in Ada, OK
  • Send an email requesting membership cancellation to the LegalShield customer support team at

Good luck!

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  1. You must not have chosen to cancel via telephone , my guess is to avoid being subjected to the hard core sales pitch trying to convince you to stay . Had you tried to cancel with a phone call you would have found out that even if you were able stand your ground and stick to your decision to cancel , it doesn’t end there . When they finally give up trying to convince you to stay , and even though you’ve remained firm and were very clear about your decision to cancel your membership, you STILL have to put it in writing with all of your information and either email it or send it through the US Postal service. Also, be sure you check and make sure that they have recieved it because just because you sent it , there’s no guarantee that they’ve received it. That’s what I was told by lady in customer service that I spoke with when I called to cancel.

    1. I’ve been trying to cancel for a while. you cant cancel over phone and the email they use doesn’t even exist. so you cant do it that way either. did you get yours canceled by mail?

  2. I can’t cancel my membership, I tried to cancel over the phone it didn’t work, she told me to send a cancellation letter to the LegalShield team support, I wrote the cancellation letter but the email she gave me is not working.. I really want to cancel this service they keep charging me $28 every month for no reason. Easy money for them.

    1. I’m so pissed at this service. Legalsheild should be banned. I’ve canceled twice and I had the same issue. I talked on the phone then sent a letter and was still charged again. They said it was my fault because I didn’t call to make sure they received it. Like others said its easy as pie to sign up but a nightmare to cancel. It should be illegal

  3. I just now emailed my cancellation request to them with my member number, name, address and phone number. I received an immediate response, “We have received your request and will process within 24-48 business hours.” I will check back to make sure they actually did.

  4. I’d been trying to cancel my membership my self and not getting no where. Service was and is very expensive, I didn’t join legal shield through a letter so I don’t know why I have to send in a letter to dismiss my membership. I cannot afford $55 dollars every month for nothing. I’d never used legal shield and I don’t care to use it please. STOP robbing people please. We’re already struggling as it is

  5. I am chaustin Vedrine, I am trying to cancel my membership 10130510398 since 2 years .when I call I cannot find anybody to help me out but they are happy to connect payment in my bank account. They always gave me a fake email address. Now if you don’t stop connect payment in my bank account I will take another step.

    1. Hi Chaustin,

      This isn’t LegalShield’s website. You’ll need to communicate with them directly to cancel your membership. This is simply an article explaining how to do that.

  6. I sent an email to asking to be removed from their membership list. I was not able to provide a membership ID because, wonder of wonders, they don’t include it in your account info when you log into the site. I used to have old emails with all of my membership info, but I stupidly deleted all my emails when trying to clean up my PC after getting it back from a repair place.
    I did get a response to my email saying that they had received my request, so we’ll see what happens.

  7. i cancelled back in January and here we are in march and am still being billed. I was shocked to find out the are charging me$64 a month. highway robbery.

  8. Ways to cancel:

    Fax: 580-310-7667


    Mail: PO Box 2217, Ada OK 74821

    Reference Account Number and “ CANCEL account”

    I faxed and sent an email today….. I will mail a written request this weekend. I am covering all options to make sure this is completely canceled.

  9. I would like to cancel my legalshield account because they do help me, what this company does is research lawyers for me to contact and request help,, Which i can do on my own.

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