How to Cancel a ConvertKit Subscription Account

Article Summary: Canceling Your ConvertKit Account

Unlike most online subscriptions, canceling your ConvertKit account can’t be done from your user portal. In fact, like many other subscription model businesses, ConvertKit seems to have done as much as they can to disguise the mechanism for canceling your account. Compared to many of the other subscription services I use for marketing, including Moz, JungleScout, MerchantWords, Helium10, and many others, I found it a little frustrating trying to figure out how in the heck to cancel my account.

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Even on my monthly invoice, I couldn’t find anywhere that would lead me to figure out how to cancel the account. There is link on the receipt “read this article in the knowledge base and a general recommendation to “get in touch with our team”, but nothing clear about how to cancel the account.

ConvertKit Invoice Email Receipt - No Cancel Option

There is actually more than one way to cancel your account. I was able to find a link within the dashboard that I followed to cancel my account. I’ll show you how to get to it. If you’re already logged in to your account, you can simply follow this ConvertKit account cancel URL to take yourself right to the page you need.

If you’d rather go there from your dashboard, you login, then go to the Billing page. On the right hand side of the page, below the Billing History section, you’ll see a sentence that reads:

Or, if you’ve found ConvertKit isn’t a good fit for you, you can cancel your account here. 

Cancel ConvertKit Account from Dashboard Billing Page

Click on the word “here”, and you’ll be taken to the page from which you can cancel your account.

Another way to cancel your ConvertKit would be to email their support team – support@convertkit.com – and ask them to cancel your account.

If for some reason those options don’t work (hopefully either would suffice, but sometimes there are glitches), you could also try contacting them by phone. The only number I was able to locate for ConvertKit was this one associated with their tax id : 208-571-3990. When I called that phone number, it went to a voicemail that didn’t identify the company or anyone specific.

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Why I’m Canceling My ConvertKit Account

Paying for products or services you don’t use is a good way to waste a lot of money, or a bad way to make good use of your money, whichever perspective you choose. As much as I’d like to say that I’m on top of my finances, things tend to come up (like a move, adding a new baby to the family, becoming busy with a big workload, etc.) that distract me from paying enough attention to subscriptions I’m paying for that I may not be using.

I found that to be the case with ConvertKit recently. As an eager marketer, I set up two ConvertKit accounts, one for each of two of the businesses I’m running (thus, the reason I’m a bit preoccupied) in the past year, hoping to jump into list building and see a return on investment for the $29 per month I was spending. I got the recommendation to use ConvertKit at the TAS Inner Circle mastermind group I joined last fall.

However, over the past eight months, I never felt compelled to make setting up and ConvertKit a priority. I dabble with it a little bit, but it wasn’t as 1-2-3 as I’d hoped. Realizing now that I’ve spent close to $500 on something I’m not even planning to use very soon, I recently just decided to cancel the account, possibly coming back around later to set up a new account when I’m ready to get serious about list building.

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