Giving Back – Free College Tuition for Entire Rush City HS Senior Class

“The right thing to do.”

That statement can mean a lot of different things, depending on who you’re talking to and what you’re talking about.

For Dennis Frandsen, a Minnesota businessman, doing the right thing means offering to pay college tuition for the entire senior class, a total 40 students, at Rush City High School. The offer is good for anyone who chooses to attend the nearby Pine Technical & Community College, a popular secondary education destination for many of the graduates of Rush City High School.

When asked why he made the offer to pay for college, Frandsen’s answer was simple, “I was able to do it, and why shouldn’t I?”

Frandsen, a self-made millionaire whose own story includes being rejected as a young 17-year-old logger when he first sought out financing from his local bank, seems to be driven by an insatiable need to give back to the community.

Examples of charity such as those of successful entrepreneurs like Dennis Frandsen bring the pathway to success full circle.

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