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Closest Chase Bank to Billings, Montana

Chase Bank is the largest in the United States based on number of branches. Spread from the East Coast to the West are more than 5,100 branch locations accessible to Chase Bank customers. However, Chase’s network of banks has some dead spots, especially in areas that tend to be rural. Montana, Wyoming, New Mexico, the majority of the American Midwest, and other spots in the Northeast don’t have Chase bank branches.

If you’re a Chase customer looking to do some banking in the Billings, Montana area, you’ll have to travel a ways to get to a local branch.

Closest Chase Bank Billings, Montana - Idaho Falls

The closest Chase Bank branch to Billings, Montana is in the Idaho Falls, Idaho area, a five and a half hour drive to the southwest of Billings.

That’s long drive. If you need to take care of in-branch banking needs such as getting a cashier’s check or money order, have access to a safe deposit box, or use notary services, or consult with someone in-person, Chase just won’t work for you in that area. If you’re a Chase customer who’s moving to Billings from somewhere else, you’ll likely need to find a new bank to fill those face-to-face banking needs.

Chase Bank Online and Remote Services

For those who are traveling to Billings or who might not need as much interaction with a physical retail branch location, it’s good to know that there are lots of online services offered by Chase Bank that you can use.

Here is a list of things that you can do in Billings, Montana as a Chase customer, which make use of Chase’s online and remote services:

  • Deposit checks: Chase has a mobile app (available for both Android and iOS phones) that allows you to deposit checks, including an auto-capture feature with which you can login to your online Chase account, select the account into which you want to deposit the check, then take a picture of the front and back of the check (after endorsing it and writing “For electronic deposit at Chase only”) to have the check deposited into your account.
  • Access money from ATMs: Although Chase doesn’t have any direct ATMs in the Billings area, they provide credits for Chase customers who have certain types of Chase deposit accounts.
  • Direct Deposit: If you are working for a company in the Billings, Montana area, you can simply have your paycheck deposited directly into your Chase Bank account. Depending upon the size and sophistication of the company you work for, your employer’s HR people should be familiar with how to set this up.
  • Online Bill Pay: You can pay your bills, mortgage, credit card, and other types of bills using Chase’s online bill pay feature.
  • Sending Money To and Receiving Money From Individuals: Chase has a QuickPay with Zelle option that you can use to pay almost anyone as long as you have their phone number and email address. Of course, if you need this functionality, you could just as well use PayPal or Venmo.
  • Transferring Money Between Accounts: You can setup an online login to your Chase account(s), and then transfer money between them without going into a local branch. You simply have to login and use the account transfer feature to move money between checking accounts, savings accounts, and elsewhere, including to pay off Chase credit card balances.
  • Wire Transfers: You can wire money domestically (within the United States) and internationally using Chase’s online wire transfer functionality.

As you can see, there are many features of Chase banking that you can use without being close to a local branch or ATM.

Alternatives to Chase Bank in Billings, Montana

If you are planning to be in Billings long-term, it’s likely that, at one point or another, you’ll need access to a bank that has a local branch. Here are some of the alternatives to Chase in Billings, Montana that can help you meet those local branch oriented needs.

  • Wells Fargo, the bank with the most branches in the United States, has several locations in Billings. Because it is a national chain, Wells Fargo offers many services similar to Chase, although their fees and policies differ.
  • US Bank, another nationwide bank with over, 3000 branches throughout the country, also has several local branches in Billings.
  • Altana Federal Credit Union is a Montana-based credit union that specializes in helping Montana individuals, businesses, and communities. If you’re going to be living in Montana long-term, this credit union is worth checking out.


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