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Chase Bank Limit on Money Transfers from External Accounts: $100,000.00

I found out recently about a limit on money transfers for Chase Bank accounts that is important to know about. If you need to transfer an amount of money larger than $100,000 to your Chase account, you cannot do that through Chase’s online portal. Instead, you’ll need to wire the money or otherwise make arrangements (a wire transfer or a cashier’s check deposited at a Chase branch in person are other alternatives that make the money available on the same business day or the next business day) to transfer the money.

If you are transferring money from a non-Chase bank account to any of your Chase bank accounts, you are limited to a total of $100,000.00 in any one particular transaction. This is a daily limit that Chase imposes for security reasons.

This $100,000 limit is not imposed on money transfers from one Chase account to another account that you own. For instance, if you wanted to transfer $150,000 from your business account to your personal account, you would be able to make that transfer (which takes place instantly) through your Chase Bank online login.

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Chase Bank Transfer Limit from External Bank Account

As you can see, when someone attempts to transfer one cent more than $100,000 from an external account to a Chase bank account, they will receive the following error message.

The most you’re allowed to send on any day is $100,000.00.

Please tell us a lower amount within this limit. (Error code: 50102)

If you lower the amount to $100,000 even, you can proceed with the transfer.

Chase Bank transfers from external accounts done this way, using the online customer portal, are usually completed within a period of 3 business days.

If you are in a situation where you don’t have access to a local Chase branch, you’ll likely need to make other arrangements (as opposed to depositing a cashier’s check or in-person wire transfer) to transfer money in excess of $100,000 from an external account to your Chase account.

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