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Bible Quotes About Money, Finances, and Wealth

The Bible has a lot to say about money and finances. It is clear that God’s prophets, whose words and teachings contributed significantly to the belief system from which the United States of America, the most prosperous nation in history, was founded.

One of the most influential experts on finances and building wealth in contemporary American society, Dave Ramsey, unabashedly uses Biblical principles to address topics such as spending money, debt, generosity, and other aspects of personal finances.

I have created a Pinterest board that highlights some of the most useful quotes from the Bible about money and financial matters. The overarching theme of the Bible’s teachings about wealth and money is that placing God first in your life will give you access to blessings you would not otherwise have, but that He expects that you not set your heart upon worldly pursuits that would cause you to give up your eternal inheritance in heaven. 

The verses share below provide the Christian view pertaining to principles such as self-reliance, spending, debt, vanity, worldly versus spiritual pursuits, generosity, and other inspired truths.

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