Seeking to Understand Prosperity

What does it mean to be prosperous?

What are the habits of those who are wealthy, successful, happy? Whether it be those who are famous and popular or the rest of us regular folks, what is it that makes a person prosperous?

How does religion and spirituality affect one’s perspective on life and his ability to thrive?

These are some of the questions we set out to answer on Prosperopedia.com, which we’ve branded “the handbook for happiness, success, and prosperity.”

What is Prosperopedia?

Prosperopedia.com was founded by Richard Robbins and Ben Accinelli as a resource for improvement, a community for positive-minded people looking to take advantage of opportunities to improve, to thrive, and to contribute to others.

The past hundred years have brought opportunities for success to a good portion of the entire planet. The founders and contributors to Prosperopedia have experienced the benefits of what we know as the modern age. Richard has made his small fortune building internet-based businesses, mostly from home, selling products to customers throughout the world while being able to take breaks during the day to play soccer and baseball with his kids throughout the day. Ben developed a curiosity for design, video production, and digital marketing, and has thrived in a career that would not have been available 50 years ago, gaining most of his skills by consuming information available on the internet. Both recognize that their successes are not their own, that they are building on the backs of those who have paved the way. That perspective makes them want to share what they’ve learned with others who might be looking for direction, for inspiration, for a mentor.

Our mission at Prosperopedia is to provide information, including personal stories, infographics, videos, organized data, and other content that will help our audience achieve prosperity. Our approach includes addressing those things that are commonly associated with prospering – including education, health, finance, career, and self-improvement – and put them in a frame of context that maps them to those harder to measure but just as important elements of prosperity that include values, religious beliefs, and even political views and principles of good government.

Want to Contribute?

We’re always interested in the stories, know-how, and experience of people who want to share. If that’s you, and you have something to say that you’d like to share on Prosperopedia.com, feel free to get in touch with us. We are naturally all over social media, where you can get in touch with us using your platform of choice. You can also use the contact page here to go the old-fashioned route and just send us a quick message.